Not as bad, this time

Stage 7 workout 3 today. That means I’m… 25% done with Stage 7! (Being a math-minded person means that I tend to break my tasks up into chunks. But the 25% milestone never feels like I’ve accomplished very much…)

I’m side-eyeing the programming a bit today: it starts with 2×8 heavy regular deadlifts, then asks for 4×15 Romanian deadlifts. How many deadlifts can they cram into a whole-body workout? Anyway, for the rest of the 4x15s it was the same as Workout 1: lunges, pushups and dumbbell rows. I decided to hold 5lb weights for the lunges, which made the whole endeavor much nicer. It wasn’t bad overall, and I finished in just under an hour, stretched, showered and got back to work.

I finally bought a container of flavored whey protein for after my workouts. (It’s chocolate, and tastes something like weak and gritty cold hot cocoa.) Maybe this will help me get back on track with my protein intake. At any rate, I usually wrap up my workout around 11, but I typically eat lunch not too long after that so maybe I should eat a little later, or eat less? The powder is kind of filling. (It doesn’t help my appetite that my lunch is a hastily-assembled peanut butter sandwich and some left over vegetables and hummus…)

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