Knee protection

I’m not too sore today, which is awesome. But my left knee has gotten sort of beaten up from all the stress lately. Whenever my quads hurt and I start babying them, I wind up hyperextending my knees and making them really unhappy. The rubber band machine that is my body needs all its rubber bands working properly! Hopefully it’ll recover after a short break. Anything that requires effort from a very bent position is ouchy. (Hey, that sounds like the lunges yesterday…)

So I stuck to low-impact cardio today, 30 minutes on the elliptical and another 10 on a recumbent bike. It was boring, but I read an issue of Car and Driver and that made it more bearable. And I’m learning that I don’t really like exercise bikes. Their action always feels unbalanced to me– you know how on a regular bike the pedal motion is smooth as they turn around their axle? Exercise bikes always have more resistance on the downstroke than the return and the uneven effort drives me batty. Maybe the ones at my gym are just crappy and old.

It seems like there’s a disconnect between my level of exertion and the amount of sweating I do. I wasn’t working very hard this morning; my heart rate barely got above 135 but I was still drippy (and the fan was on in the cardio room today, so it’s not like it was hot in there). I doubt I will ever be one of those people who simply glows after cardio. I just drip.

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