Too Swole

I hit the gym today with tired shoulders, arms and hands. The backs of my shoulder sockets are sore to the touch, even. I guess I don’t have to worry about it until next summer, but swimming sure does a number on my upper body.

Adding to the fun times, today’s program included incline bench press, pushups, and seated and bent-over rows. And for my lower body enjoyment, Romanian deadlifts and Bulgarian split squats (it was supposed to be lunges, but I swapped them to spare my hips). Getting through everything was a battle, and it took me a solid hour of dripping sweat and breathing hard. Anyone who says weight lifting isn’t HIIT cardio-ish is lying.

(tw: weight stuff) Since I switched from mostly running to mostly lifting I seem to have gained a few pounds (I do check occasionally). But I’m not sure where I’ve put it. My middle might be a bit squishier, but I also now have quad definition and my shoulders and arms are winning their battle against my shirt sleeves. (My shirts might be described as "smedium" these days.) So it goes, I guess. My body is in a constant state of flux so I might as well keep on working with it…

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