How not to compliment people

Workout 6 is all done! I’m halfway through Stage 7 and I feel like I’m finally settling in to the long sets. Today’s big lift was deadlifts, and I managed to get the second set up to 155lb. It was tough, though, and I think I need to stay around there for a bit.

It’s funny… we all set our own thresholds for success, and sometimes I feel this disconnect between the "mortal world" and the mindset of people who lift. 155lb is my heaviest deadlift, but there are plenty of people who DL a ton more. Sometimes I’m like "maaan I need to work harder" but then I remember that for 99% of humans that is pretty Herculean. I find I’m happiest when I have one foot in each world: I can look towards lifters who are stronger than me for inspiration, while reminding myself how far I’ve come (and opening jars for folks).

There’s this older guy who’s been using the weight room at the same time as me lately. He’s the slowest lifter ever; he does a set and then wanders around for 10 minutes. Anyway, today he came up to me and said, "I just wanted to tell you, keep it up! You’ll get there! I’ve been watching you, you’re working really hard." I gave him my standard response about the gym being the best part of my day, but I was side-eyeing pretty hard.

Thing the first: And just where am I trying to "get" to? Thank you for making assumptions about my goals without asking. (I will bet $20 it’s weight loss.) Thing the second: never tell a woman "I’ve been watching you". That is Grade A creeper material. The last thing I need is a gym stalker. Please keep your eyes and opinions to yourself, old dude. Thank you and have a nice day.

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