Super try-hard day

Last day of this dang workshop, thank goodness. Today I was in at 6:45a and headed right to the gym to get Workout 8 done. I even wore my gym clothes on the train!

For the life of me I can’t figure out why when I bust out 8 reps of squats at 120lb it’s easy, but 15 reps at 60lb is like scaling Everest. Of course, it doesn’t help either that I’m doing 4 sets of 15. Anyway, today I bumped up the load on some lifts and getting through it was a battle. I also love when I’m in the corner doing my step-ups and some dudebro grunting his way through bicep curls looks at me with the step platform like I don’t belong in the weight room. Honey, pick up some weights and c’mon over and give it a try, I promise it’ll be both fun and effective…. or you can keep doing curls.

Lately I’ve been having intuitive eating fails around lunchtime. Since these are all-day workshops the schedule is pretty regimented, with a break at noon for food. But I haven’t been hungry when lunchtime rolls around– I suspect it’s a combination of my post-workout protein shake and a muffin at the 10:30 coffee break (which is novel to this meeting… mmm muffin). But ugh. My coworkers at the workshop all want to go to lunch together and I keep not wanting to eat. And I eat and I feel terrible because I wasn’t hungry to begin with. Everything will probably get back to normal next week though, when I’m back on my usual schedule.

But mostly I’m looking forward to not having to get up early for a while…

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