Now for the fun part

The worst bits of my cruddy week are over. Now I just have to wrap up a short day at work, and then get ready to spend the weekend with friends. Happy Friday!

As I laced up my running shoes this morning, I was a little nervous. My left knee was pretty seriously unhappy yesterday, but it spent the evening on ice and I made sure to carefully set up a good sleeping position. This morning it felt okay, but I wasn’t sure how it would hold up once I got on the treadmill.

Luckily, though, the 40 minute, 3-miles-and-some-change run went off without a hitch. The first mile was a slog, but I warmed up and my body found some fuel somewhere and settled in for the rest. I’ve been nominally low-carbing it a bit lately– not by design, but because I can only fit so much food in my body and I’m trying to make sure it’s mostly protein. (This means I skipped the rice with my baked tofu and broccoli for dinner, but I did not decline the cake my partner offered me later that evening :) So energy might have been a little low, but 40 minutes was about right.

I have to tell this goofy story from last weekend… So I was at the local renaissance faire (I’m one of those weird people who dresses up and gets all into it) hanging out with my friend and some of her friends. It was late, we were all a little loopy (and I might have had a beer or two) and someone joked that I ought to see if I could pick up one of our male companions. So, I said "hold my staff" and slung him over my shoulder, single shoulder carry style, and ran around with him. He wasn’t a big guy, maybe 160lb plus or minus, but it was both fun to show off and oddly comforting to know that yes, if it came down to it I could carry a person without a problem. While wearing a corset.

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