Deadlifts and hips

Workout 9 today. 75% done with Stage 7! Now that’s a percentage I can appreciate.

Today was double deadlifts, which was fun times. I had a heck of a time doing math with the plates for some reason; it took me 3 tries to get it loaded properly to 155lb. But once I got 155lb on there, the math was easy to bump it to 165lb for the second set at least? That was a lot to lift though; I think I need to stop adding more weight and sit with this one for a while. It was one of those sets where I was counting each rep aloud and struggling to get to the end.

The 4×15 sets were lunges, pushups, Romanian deadlifts and rows. I still hate lunges, but I did them instead of swapping for Bulgarian split squats this time. The pushups felt a little less awful today, at least. It took me a solid hour to finish everything.

So I need some anatomy/physiology advice… I’ve been having a nagging, sore low-lower back/tailbone thing going on. It’s not to the point of being painful per se, but I notice it when I sit down– the first couple seconds of sitting I’m aware of some discomfort, then it fades. It’s been an issue for months, but I noticed the same feeling when doing lunges today, which leads me to believe that it’s hip tightness pulling on something. Anyone out there have any experience with this? My med-googling hasn’t been useful. It’s not a big deal now, but I’m hoping to work it out before it turns into a real injury, since it’s been so nagging. I need to step up my hip yogas, too…

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