Mid-week moderation

I went to the gym a little bit early this morning to ensure that I was able to move when I did my workout. I’m pretty sore, mostly in my upper back and calves. I get the feeling that by noon everything’s going to seize up.

I decided to do some moderate recovery-level stuff today: 20 minutes running slowly on the treadmill, followed by some yoga. The running part was not so good; my calves are really sore so I wound up stopping to walk a couple times to encourage them to loosen up. The yoga was better; I spent some time working on my hips and then did some sun salutation variations. Stretching things out felt great.

Honestly I probably should’ve just rested today, and with that in mind I’m trying to plan out the remainder of this week. Tomorrow I lift again, and then on Friday I’m taking the day off because I have to take my car in to the shop. The car place is about 1.5 miles from my house, so I was going to just bundle a run into the getting-home-from-the-shop process… but if my legs are still so sore maybe I should just walk directly home. Decisions, decisions. We’ll see how I’m feeling, I guess.

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