Nice yogas and recalcitrant knees

I’m not sure what my knee is up to. I haven’t done any exercise over the weekend (besides walking around all day on Sunday, but that’s nothing out of the ordinary) but earlier today my knee just started hurting. Like not-able-to-bear-weight hurting. I hobbled around for a little bit, and after stretching out my quad it felt better. Not 100%, but I can walk normally. That was weird. Later today I’m going to get out the foam roller and see what’s going on with that quad. I would put money on there being a big knot or something weird that’s keeping the muscle from supporting my knee properly.

I certainly wasn’t going to take a chance and run, so I decided to do some yoga. I think my body’s been gently (?) encouraging me to do more yoga– I have so much tightness everywhere. The practice I chose has a big long section of pigeon, and it felt both awful and amazing to get into my hips. I tried to take it easy on my knees, and I used a pillow any place the knee was on the floor. It feels okay.

Over the weekend, I watched a caber toss competition– basically, men pick up telephone poles and try to throw them end over end. It’s a ridiculous-looking sport, and I really want to try it! It looks like fun.

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