Hardcore lifting and yoga

(The title of this post works better when said in a metal growl: HAARRRDDCOOOORRREEE)

Second-to-last session of NRoL4W. I’m pretty surprised that I’ve made it all the way to the end! Lunges were on the program for today, but I swapped them out for light sets on the quad and hamstring machines to try to spare my knee. (Speaking of, I went over that quad with the foam roller after my workout, and sure enough: IT band weirdness. But I can work on that, so at least it’s not mystery pain. Stretch, roll, repeat.)

I was alone in the weight room today until an older man came in. He seemed a little odd. First he asked if I wanted to do bench presses with him (I said, no thanks, I’ve already done mine for the day) and then proceeded to name and tell me about every lift I did. ("Straight-leg deadlifts! Good back exercise!" "Yep.") I don’t think I’ve ever finished up those sets so fast.

After that, I headed for the big room to get some quick yoga in (focusing on my hips again, because that was great). Someone else was using the room to do some kind of torturous-looking HIIT thing, and he had on 1990s dude pump-up music. I would not have thought that Rage Against the Machine and Red Hot Chili Peppers made good yoga music, but it was oddly refreshing and motivating to power through it with a more aggro soundtrack. It worked.

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2 Responses to Hardcore lifting and yoga

  1. ebay313 says:

    I never really listened to music (besides like instrumental stuff) during yoga until I did a yoga event at Ford Field, and it was pretty fun with music. Though no heavy metal or anything for that, lol.
    Do you have a plan for when you finish NROL? I don’t remember what the book recommends. Do you go to a new program?

    • G says:

      I was once in a yoga class where the instructor played all kinds of pop music and she finished up with John Lennon’s Imagine during shavasana. I didn’t find it inspirational or restful because all I could think about is how Lennon was an abusive asshole and a hypocrite… I think I prefer the instrumental stuff overall.

      I’m not sure what I should do after Thursday(!). I’ve been at this since August 2013. My body’s felt kind of beat up lately, so I think I need a break of some kind. A week or two of yoga sounds good, there are classes I can sample at my gym. Once I’m done with that, though, I’m not sure. I could register for a local turkey trot and start training for that, or I could jump into a new lifting program like Stronglifts or something. I really don’t know.

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