Short run and yoga day

My knee felt good enough to try a short treadmill run today, so I wrapped that up in 30 minutes/2.5 miles. I tried to pay attention to keeping my quad activated to support it and my stride focused. The hard part was my tired backs of legs again… I wound up taking a break halfway through to go to the wall and stretch my calves and hamstrings.

After all that I headed to the big room for another quick yoga practice. A nice addition today was reclining big toe pose (using a strap)– it makes for such a good leg stretch, and the internally rotated twist was perfect to get at my tight IT bands. (Remind me to do that again in the evening!)

I really ought to go in for a massage. I like getting them, but it’s hard to find the time and I hate setting them up and I haven’t found a good place to go around here either. I’m jealous of my mom– she lives in a tiny Midwestern city and there’s no fancy massage spas there but she knows a woman, a retired nurse, who practices massage from her house. My mom made an appointment for me when I visited over the holidays, and the massage therapist is fantastic. She knows her stuff and I felt so comfortable there. Massage places here feel corporate and impersonal and anonymous. I’m pretty sure I’ve been spoiled now.

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