Big yoga changes

I wasn’t really expecting this to happen, but after just 3 days of strenuous yoga practice I’m feeling a lot of changes in my body. (I also feel a fair bit of soreness, but I did expect that.)

My arms and shoulders have dramatically improved range of motion– last week I couldn’t lace my fingers together and reach my arms all the way over my head, but now I can. My hip flexors have opened up a lot– I feel like I can stand up taller because my hips aren’t being pulled forward, my stride feels longer towards the back, and I can outer spiral my hips and stretch that area out.

Today’s yoga class kind of kicked my butt though. I’ve taken his class before, and he does some… interesting stuff. Mostly, though, I realized that: 1) I have short arms. If I sit on the ground, my hands can’t even lie flat on the floor. I certainly cannot lift my body up on my arms– there’s no extra arm to push with! Therefore any seated arm balances are sort of a no-go, and it also makes anything where I have to reach back to grab a foot awkward (bow, any held-leg pose). Props are good! GIve me a couple blocks and I can do it. 2) If you ask me, seated, to pull my foot back to my butt, it will not work. My thigh meat is in the way. I cannot remove my thigh to get my foot in the right position next to my butt. If you build an entire sequence based on that starting position, I will just have to sit there and look silly because it doesn’t work for me.

Other than those annoyances, it was a good class. The teacher has a fun and carefree approach, but my muscles were completely tapped out by the end. Shavasana was more like catching my breath. I think tomorrow I’m going to queue up an easy Youtube practice by myself.

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6 Responses to Big yoga changes

  1. WalkToRio says:

    Yoga is evil but is good too.
    Glad you are seeing improvements.
    Have a nice weekend.

  2. Gingerzingi says:

    Hah, I have the short arm thing too. Also a thick body that blocks me from accomplishing certain postures.
    I’ve never stayed with yoga long enough or often enough to see any change or benefit, so I am interested in your report. Do you think it would be beneficial to alternate yoga regularly with lifting, or do you prefer to lift for a certain period and then yoga for a certain period?

    • G says:

      Well, I interspersed yoga on my lifting off days when I could, and I didn’t see the kinds of changes I saw after one consistent week. I think it’s more a function of everyday practice– personally, though, I could never manage the time to fit in yoga on lifting days, and I would be hesitant to go into a yoga class with a body shredded from lifting that morning.

      I think the correct answer is, I need about 4 more hours in my day so I can fit everything in :)

  3. lozette says:

    Me three with the short arms. It’s so frustrating!

    • G says:

      My high school had a dress code that stated that skirts could be no shorter than an inch or two below the fingertips. Not that I was ever wanting to, but I could’ve gotten away with some seriously short skirts….

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