Week of yoga, day 5

Today might be the last day of my week of yoga. I am wiped! I swear that these take more out of me than a hard lifting workout does; I’m sore in many many places and I fall asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow (which is really weird, for me). I usually think of yoga as a gentle, easy or replacement workout, but practicing 5 days in a row is having the same effect as, say, running 5 days in a row or lifting 5 days in a row. I’m not really sure how people who do yoga every day manage it! I need a break.

Today I picked out a beginner’s practice on Youtube that I’ve done a few times and set up in the big room at the gym. Shortly afterwards, the guy who comes in to do the HIIT joined me; he kept his headphones on, which was nice, as I could hear the video’s narration. I felt kind of bad, though.

I always have issues with breathing, especially in classes where I wind up moving at someone else’s pace. But I also don’t feel like I’m breathing well. If my abs are pulled in to support my back, it’s hard to take a full belly breath and I wind up breathing into my chest instead. There has to be a happy medium, somewhere.

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