Catching up

I have been slacking on updating the blog lately… okay, I neglected to write about one workout, but it feels like I haven’t written for a while. Anyway.

On Thursday I went to yet another yoga class. People tend to drop in to these classes when their schedules permit, but I’ve been there enough that I get addressed by name and treated like a regular, with specific instruction. Cool. The best thing about the class, though, was lying in shavasana and suddenly remembering that I had put tea in my thermos before I left work. That tea made my day.

Today I managed to get out for a run. It’s been a while, and my legs felt good for a change and I had plenty of energy. The run was pretty solid and fast, which was nice. I decided to keep it to 30 minutes, and I think that was wise. By the end I was dragging a little. I had to wait for the rain to stop, and the weather was cool and damp with a nice light breeze.  The major problem, though, was my guts again. Running in the afternoon means that there’s food in my system and that never works out well.

Now I’m off to dinner with my partner’s folks. Fun times…

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