I can lift more…

I had a bit of an epiphany over the weekend, as I dressed in my costume for renfaire– I really like the fact that I’m muscular and strong-looking. I’ve been waffling over taking up a more aggressive running program, or doing more yoga, or finding a new lifting regimen. I have a hard time lifting the way I want and running the way I want at the same time, so I really have to choose, or half-ass both.

As I admired my shoulders on Sunday, I sort of on-the-spot decided that I wanted to keep lifting. Okay! So then what? I’ve given away my copy of NRoL4W to a friend (I hope it works out for her!) I don’t really want to go through it again. Stronglifts seems to be another popular one, so I checked out their website and the simplicity of it grabbed me immediately (despite the obnoxiously gendered language/bro-ness of it all). I know and love those simple lifts already. I’ll commit a few months and see how it works, I guess.

The website said to start at 40-50% of my 5-rep max; this assumes that I’ve done a 5-rep max, which I haven’t. So I started with weights I found easy; 95lb for squats, 85 for bench press, and 75 for rows. Not surprisingly, they were too easy. 5 reps is a short set! I’ll have to add more a little more weight next time.

One of the selling points for Stronglifts for me was the fact that they say you’re not supposed to be sore. We shall see…

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9 Responses to I can lift more…

  1. Gingerzingi says:

    Well, Ron White always says “Don’t half-ass two things. Whole ass one thing.”

    Congratulations on your muscles.

  2. ebay313 says:

    Yeah, I’m definitely sore from stronglifts! lol. I’m also impressed with your light bench weight! 85lbs is what I’m doing for strong lifts right now but I can’t get the 5×5 with that yet. I think I started with bar only (45lb) for bench. My bench and OHP are super weak.

    • G says:

      “No soreness” is absolutely a lie! NRoL4W didn’t include much bench, but it did include plenty of push-ups, and since lifting myself is lifting heavy (lol) I think that helped quite a bit. My OHP isn’t great either– not much more than the bar, but hey that’s why we train right?

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