Rainy day yoga

So that bit about StrongLifts not making you sore? It’s a lie. My hips and shoulders and pecs are definitely sore. I mean, it’s not at the ‘hard to walk’ level, but it’s definitely above ‘mild annoyance’.

A nice temporary cure for sore muscles that gets the blood flowing is some yoga, so I fit in a half hour practice. It wasn’t anything fancy, but my house is hot and humid today (ugh this weather) and I sweated like crazy. It’s like inadvertent hot yoga, right?

My hip flexors and glutes are chronically a mess, and I work on stretching and foam rolling them, but I often joke with my partner that I need a butt massage (I have not actually asked for one, joking aside). The last time I went in for a pro massage, the wonderful therapist spent some time on my glutes, but I have a lot of, uh, butt tissue there and she had a hard time getting into my piriformis (which seems to be the culprit of a lot of my issues). She brought out these round, weighted “bongers” on springy sticks, and basically hit me in the butt for a while. It did work, but maybe I should just stick to foam rolling…

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2 Responses to Rainy day yoga

  1. emdoesthings says:

    Oh I did this today too. High five

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