Best laid plans

I walked out the door (so early) this morning with an ambitious set of workout plans: a lifting session in the morning, and yoga in the evening. I think work is going to kill any hopes I had for doing yoga; so it goes…

The lifting went well though. More squats, overhead press and deadlifts were on the program for today, and I loaded them pretty lightly (95lb, 45lb, 145lb) and finished it all up in 20 minutes. I didn’t think StrongLifts was supposed to be that fast? It helps that deadlifts was 1×5, but I still felt like I needed to spend some more time. I did the progression wrong though; I was supposed to add 5lb to my squats. Oops! Next time I will.

Since I was feeling like I’d barely done anything, I grabbed a jump rope and a kettlebell (not at the same time). Man, jumping rope feels like more work now than it did when I was a kid! Who needs calf raises? My lower legs were burning. And the kettlebell swings were hard too. Maybe I got more of a lifting workout than I thought.

Well, no yoga tonight, but maybe if the weather’s nice tomorrow I can go for a run in the park. That is, if my legs cooperate…

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