Back to nature

The weather is gorgeous today– a beautiful early fall day. And I did go out for that park run! The trail was a bit damp, but it’s pretty well-drained (aka rocky) and there wasn’t much mud. The leaves have just started to turn here, and the wet leaves and undergrowth had the most amazing smell. It felt so good to be out in the woods for just a little bit!

It turned out to be a nice 3 miles in 40 minutes. I got a bit carried away in the park (like I always do) and the planned 30 minutes turned into more than that, since I had to run back from the park. It’s an interesting route; the land slopes towards the creek, so the way out is downhill, the park part is relatively flat, and the way back is all uphill. And the way I picked to get back had a ridiculous steep hill going up to the main road (and no sidewalks; dodging cars is fun). Today I was thankful for my strong quads.

This morning was chilly and I packed a pullover and wore it out, but I quickly realized that it was warming up quickly and I really would’ve been fine in my tank top… unfortunately I hadn’t brought my phone armband so the shoulder pocket on the pullover was the only way to keep my phone out of my hands so I kept the pullover on and sweated.

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1 Response to Back to nature

  1. emdoesthings says:

    That is the worst. I have to do the same thing because I haven’t gotten around to finding an armband big enough for my phone. At least you’re getting rid of toxins!

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