Unorthodox workouts

I’m not sure that the preferred way to structure a workout is to do an hour-long yoga class and then lift, but that’s the way I did it today and it seemed to work all right. Yoga is a nice warmup and then some.

The Tuesday morning class is a fundamentals class, and I like it because, due to being mostly self-taught, I always have bad yoga habits that need correcting. It’s one thing to do a flow class where it’s vinyasa after vinyasa; it’s another entirely to take one pose and break it down into its components and focus on alignment and how small changes feel. The class is also interesting due to being mostly men, which is unlike any class I’ve attended. The instructor is a man who’s a member at the gym and he has apparently recruited men he knows to take the class.

After class, I got started on the squats, bench presses, and rows– at 100lb, 90lb, and 80lb this time. I was going in with tired legs, so the squats were a little harder than usual. And I get the feeling I’m going to cap out on rows very soon; unless I do some serious adaptation I’m probably going to hit my limit next week. The lifting went fast though; I finished in 30 minutes.

I feel like yoga is good for my lifting. It’s not just stabilizing, it encourages me to be mindful as I lift. I’m not sure the converse is true; there are some things in yoga that are helped by being strong (I have a lovely, strong chaturanga!) but I still get tired in lots of poses. Being strong does tend to help my balance though, which is nice.

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2 Responses to Unorthodox workouts

  1. Gingerzingi says:

    That is kind of cool to have a lot of men in the class. Yoga is one of those things, like yogurt (is it the “yog” words?) that has been entirely gender-coded to women. Odd. I’ll bet a lot of men don’t realize how hard yoga is, or can be.

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