Just another day

My lifting soreness took a bit of a break today, and I felt fine to squeeze in a (rainy, treadmill) run this morning. I don’t think I could manage a long run, but 35 minutes was fine; it started off tough but once I warmed up a bit it felt a lot better. The cardio room was sticky though; I sweated a lot…

I feel like I’m veering between laziness and over-activity lately, and it’s not being helped by the fact that some mood issues are leading to problems with my body image. I don’t have the motivation for nearly-every-day exercise now, and when I do have motivation, I’m unhappy with my perceived laziness so I want to do everything (see all the combo/multi-workout days I’ve had recently).

This time of year is hard for me anyway, and it would probably be best if I can find a sort of happy medium… and give myself the grace to do activity or not, missing one workout isn’t the end of the world. And there’s nothing wrong with racheting the strenuousness down either– a walk instead of a run, without feeling like I need to be walking for hours to "make up" for it.

Some days I feel like I’ve got my shit together, and some days I don’t…

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