The perils of talking about protein

Today was quick lifting: squats, overhead press, deadlifts. Everything got bumped fine and more than likely will get bumped again next time. I think I really underestimated my starting weight for OHP, but I’m not complaining; it’s good practice to work on my form (squeeze them buns!)

The lifting part only took 20 minutes, and I stuck some yoga onto the end– nothing exciting, just making sure to stretch my hamstrings, quads and back. My body has been feeling a little beat up this week; I’m tired, and my joints are sort of stiff. I’m pretty sure I need to make a better focus on diet and sleep, since I’ve let my recovery activities slide a little.

Speaking of diet… so how many of my lifting readers have been out eating with people, and somehow you wind up mentioning the amount of protein you want to eat that day? And people look at you like you have three heads, and inevitably go on to tell you about how Americans (in my case) eat way too much protein anyway. (Bonus points if they give you a lecture on how your diet is destroying the environment– that might just be me, since I work with some pretty granola folks.)

I’m not arguing the point that many people probably eat more protein than their bodies need to maintain their muscle mass. The assumption that people make is, unless you look like someone who starred in an Avengers movie, what you’re doing isn’t much different than the person who spends 45 minutes on the elliptical machine every day. But people who lift weights aren’t trying to maintain their mass– we’re tearing it apart and rebuilding it stronger. All the time. And in order to make that happen, we need to eat lots of protein.

It’s kind of a special case– I’m trying to get strong like Wonder Woman here, even if I don’t look like it :)

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3 Responses to The perils of talking about protein

  1. Gingerzingi says:

    Hah, I try not to discuss diet at all, much less details like macronutrients. Most people don’t have the vaguest idea about nutrition. I don’t mean we disagreem about nutrition, which is fine, I mean they don’t even know what the words mean, much less are able to follow the reasoning behind a particular diet plan meant to achieve a particular result.

    But I’ve had other dumbfounding moments. Like when I bring a Big Ass Salad to work and someone is shocked that I’m going to eat such an enormous amount of food. Yes, such an enormous amount of raw lettuce, spinach, cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, zucchini, and mushrooms, totaling about 200 calories, with some nuts, chicken, or fish for protein (adding another 150-200 calories of fabulous protein), and drizzled with olive oil, adding another ~100 cals of one of the healthiest fats you can eat. It’s pretty much an IDEAL meal for me, but all they can see is the volume (mostly lettuce).

    I’ve found that most people think of nutrition/diet ONLY in terms of weight loss, and that most of those ideas are antiquated, completely unfounded, and/or have been disproved entirely.

    So no, I don’t talk about diet much :-)

    • G says:

      True enough! This time, I was headed out to lunch with coworkers and grumping to a friend about my options (udon and sushi aren’t exactly known for their high protein content, though they are delicious) and they asked why, and I told them.

      Mostly I’m just not okay with someone expressing their food needs/desires/preferences and someone else telling them that isn’t what they “ought” to be eating. It’s just such an individual thing! Whether the judgey person’s judging is based on nutrition or their own likes/dislikes, I don’t really care…

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