Plodding along

My partner has been struggling with fighting off what he calls "SARS-MRSA-bird-flu-bola". Apparently there’s a virulent strain of ick going around his work, and the last few days he’s been having some elevated immune symptoms. Fun times! Keep that stuff away from me, I’m tired enough as it is. (There’s something going around my work too, but it seems most of my sick coworkers have the good sense to stay home.)

Anyway, I’ve been pretty sore and tired lately and I thought today I might hop on the treadmill and see how it goes and swap to the elliptical or whatever if I needed to. But it turns out I could manage to plod along slowly on the treadmill for 30 minutes, and that was satisfactory.

I might have to enforce some rest this weekend and maybe through Monday… my feet are unhappy in a suspiciously stress fracture-like way. I’ve been making sure to wear comfy shoes, but they’re still twingey. Honestly though, I’m fine with a break– my period started too (surprise! early again!) so I am just about done with everything right now…

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