What do you even say?

Today was the "short program" Stronglifts day (yes, I have taken to calling the workouts the short program and the long program, in my head). Squats, overhead press, deadlift: 120, 55,155. They were hard; however, I’m still going to add more weight next week because that is how it is done. I followed it up with 15 minutes on the elliptical hamster wheel, which was enough to get my heart going for a little bit. I’m sore, but hopefully I can still manage a run tomorrow– maybe outside this time?

I was really, really excited today because, as I was lifting, a woman came in and started rolling 45lb plates around, setting up her own lifts. And sure enough, she loaded up that bar and lifted it and I wanted to cheer for her– I’ve never seen a woman in there lifting heavy and I’m very glad to have company!

But I wasn’t sure what to say? She seemed really focused so I just gave her a big smile, and then when it was time for me to go I wished her a good workout. She certainly didn’t seem to need any encouragement from me, given that she was deadlifting more than I was :) Hopefully I’ll see her around again!

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