Warmed me right up

It’s a grey, chilly day out, but I wasn’t going to let that stop me from going for a run outdoors today. I brought a pullover to try to keep warm, but I still shivered as I stepped out of the parking garage. However, once I started running I pushed hard and warmed up fast! Isn’t that how it always goes…

My normal work route goes down to the park and it’s all downhill then all uphill, and I didn’t want that for my short run today, so I went a different way that took me back towards the neighborhood I used to live in. While this route was not monotonically down and up, it was steeply hilly and a little tough to tackle. But I hung in there for 30 minutes, which felt adequate for today.

The residential neighborhood I ran in is full of well-maintained old Craftsman homes and someone had a wood fire burning. The smell was just perfect for fall! Happy Halloween, everyone! :)

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