Lift, cook, eat; repeat

After taking 3 whole days totally off, you would think I’d be feeling fine. And I mostly am, aside from a few small aches, but as I went to the gym this morning I was seriously lacking motivation. Super meh! But I went and lifted– 125/100/70 squats/bench/row– and stretched some and at least it’s out of the way and I feel a little bit accomplished.

I’ve fallen off the wagon with my protein tracking. Yesterday I made a big pot of lentil* soup, starting with roast chicken bones and drippings and deglazing liquid from the roasting pan (I roasted root vegetables under the chicken– it was really tasty. I’ve been eating chicken, roast veggies, and spinach salads since.) After I made the stock, I added lentils, rutabaga, mushrooms and spinach. The soup turned out great– we ate it for dinner, and I have more for lunch today. But how do you even track that– I’m sure the stock is full of good stuff, but how in the world would I quantify that? Oh well. I’ll eat it with the knowledge that it’s homemade and delicious, and not worry about the protein content.

I love cooking from scratch (and eating it, too) but it sure does make tracking difficult…

*I have not yet succeeded in getting my partner totally on board with lentils. He liked the soup just fine, but he’s been complaining about its… effects… on him since.

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