Gym people

Squats/OHP/DL day today, 130/60/160. These lifts are getting pretty tough. My heaviest DL set is 165lb, and I think my heaviest squats have been 135lb. While it’s pretty awesome that I’m set to surpass these very soon, I wonder when I’m going to cap out? I suppose there’s no point in thinking much about it– just keep adding weight until I can’t anymore, and then worry about it.

Today I shared the weight room with the lady I wrote about before, the one who lifts heavy, and I chatted with her a little bit today. She’s been lifting for 7 years, and she doesn’t compete or anything (though I daresay she should– she’s small and she lifts a lot!) She also told me that she lifts because she loves having big legs, which is a perfectly fine reason to me. I’m glad I got a chance to talk to her.

So I usually don’t bother paying any attention to the attractiveness of men in the weight room, they all look doofy in their gym clothes anyway (and likewise, I don’t want to be evaluated either, thanks). But today I caught Form-Correcting Guy as he came in to the gym– in a nicely-fitting suit, and a peacoat with the collar turned up– and I literally had to go into the other room and fan myself. What business does a gawky man who wears shorts that are too short have being that attractive? Jeez. Thanks for that awkward moment, hormones. Let’s hope I can dismiss my inner 15-year-old girl next time I have to share the gym with him, and not spend the whole time giggling.

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3 Responses to Gym people

  1. emdoesthings says:

    There is nothing wing with gawking! Call it gymspiration.

  2. Gingerzingi says:

    I am oddly attracted to men in nice suits. They’re just… sexy. It’s a good thing I don’t work with many.

    • G says:

      It’s true. Although my partner just can’t seen to rock a suit… he can look great and put-together in jeans and a tshirt but suits don’t seem to… suit him. Har.

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