Attitude adjustment

I always struggle with finding motivation to do some activity on Mondays. Today was especially bad; I worked at home, and I was in a mood, and the last thing I wanted to do was go outside. However, I had to walk across the street to the post office, and once I did that I realized that it was a beautiful day and dang it I should just go for a darn run and get it over with. Yesterday I felt super cold, so part of my reticence was that I didn’t want to go and be cold. But it’s so nice out!

It wasn’t a great run, or a fast run– something about fall makes my nose run and my lungs hurt and wheeze– but after that 30 minutes/2.3mi I did feel a lot better. And I felt like I’d accomplished something today; a lot of my funk is revolving around feeling like everything around me is falling apart and I’m not doing anything about it. So I’ll take the little bit of self-congratulation, today.

As soon as I got back inside, I jumped into making dinner (it’s my turn to cook tonight). I’m making sauerkraut and kielbasa (in my head, I keep saying it like my grandpa says it: kiehl-bassy) with red cabbage and onion and caraway. The kraut is strong; I hope it turns out okay…

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