Today is a gorgeous day– and I have the day off– so I was all YEAAAH GONNA RUN. And then I remembered that I’d done laundry, so all my sports bras were hanging up to dry. (Yes, every single one. Guess I was busy last week!) So I scaled it back to a walk, which I can do in a normal bra.

I walked on the little trails around my neighborhood, past what I usually call the ‘turtle pond’, but there were no turtles in sight. Alas. But then I crossed the street to walk around the ‘big lake’. (Where I live, there are no lakes. Well, there are man-made ‘lakes’. Which would barely qualify as large ponds where I come from. And honestly, it’s a giant puddle with a drain in the middle. Anyway.)

I learned today that it is possible to circumnavigate the ‘big lake’– there isn’t a proper trail, but if you hop over a couple creeks/drainage ditches and cut through some woods that look like they really aren’t meant to be cut through, eventually you come to the little cat path on the other side of the lake.

I walked for about 40 minutes and was nearly to the end of my path when I finally saw a turtle! Taking its picture crashed Zombies, Run! but it was worth it.


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