Recovery run turned fast

I meant to do a nice little treadmill recovery run, just something easy to get me moving, and I started out at a gentle pace. But I wound up turning the treadmill up repeatedly, running a speedy, progressive workout of 3.4mi in 39 minutes. Okay, then! There’s no point in limiting myself when I want to GO. (I’m kind of wiped out now, though! Need some lunch.)

I don’t spend too much time thinking about little sore spots when I’m running, but I’m aware of them and my body cycled through several. They’re in the back of my memory: right hamstring, left foot, left hamstring, right calf. I tried to stretch well afterwards… we’ll see what happens. I probably need some time with the foam roller.

I was talking to my mom on the phone yesterday and decided to mention my big squats (hey, I’m proud of it). My mom thinks I’m crazy for lifting; the first thing she said was "don’t hurt yourself!" (Yep mom, that’s #1 on the priority list.) Afterwards she started telling me I was going to have "weird muscles". (They’re perfectly normal muscles, really.) She’s just such a consistent negative reactor to anything I say…

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