Exceeding expectations

I went into the gym today with a bit of an attitude. I thought about doing my squats at the same weight as Tuesday, but a combination of a comment on a previous post (despite being grumpy about it*) and really wanting to get to 150lb made me bite the bullet and go ahead and do it. So: squats/overhead press/deadlift, 150/75/170 accomplished. I suppose I really ought to just keep adding weight until I start missing lifts, not stop because I feel like it’s plenty hard. It’s just… a lot. It’s intimidating.

The squats weren’t as bad as I thought they would be. They’re a different style now; at lower weights I can kind of power on up from the bottom quickly, but now I go much more slowly and really have to ground through my feet. That’s okay, though. Deadlifts were fine, I’m moving right along with those. But OHP, well… today was supposed to be 70lb, actually. And I forgot how to do math and loaded the bar to 75lb without realizing it, and marveled at how hard they were. Oops. But I did all 5 sets, so that’s saying something.

(TMI time!) I was pretty worried about squats today for another reason: my period’s super heavy, and I had this nightmare vision of straining on a lift and having some kind of Carrie moment of extreme feminine product failure. Thankfully, nothing like that happened!

* Occasionally I get drive-by commenters who leave odd or patronizing comments and most of those never see the light of day. Tuesday I had someone leave a comment that was nice enough, encouraging and advice-y, but I was grumpy about it because dang it I know what I’m doing!!! (The comment is there for all to see.) It turned out to be good advice anyway. And lord knows I’m the worst about giving unsolicited advice anyway, so maybe I can take this to heart…

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One Response to Exceeding expectations

  1. David says:

    Way to go on all your sets, especially despite jumping 10 lb. on the OHP! I need to have my wife start following your blog, I think it will help motivate her to keep with her own program.

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