Maybe I should stick to running in the morning

I decided to wait until after I was done with work for the day to go for a run, hoping the wind would die down a little. (I’m working at home today, so I had a large amount of freedom to pick a time.) Dusk comes early these days, but there was plenty of sun when I set out from home. I planned on running 3 miles, an easy out and back.

And then I got lost.

Where I live is one of those stupid 1970s suburbs that’s little pockets of developments off main roads, and none of the pockets connect. I turned off the main road onto a road that looked like it was old enough to be a proper road that went somewhere and not just into a subdivision, but I was wrong. And it was really frustrating, because right behind the houses was where I needed to go. And it was getting pretty dark; I’d already run the planned 3 miles I planned just trying to figure out where to go. On the GPS, I could see that where I wanted to go was right… over… there…

In the end, I picked out a house without a fence and ran through their yard, mumbling “sorry. sorry! sorry I’m running through your yard, it’s getting dark. sorry!” (hoping no one would come out with a shotgun or something) and on the other side of the yard and down a hill was a road that connected to a road going the right way and I finally made my way home just as darkness fell.

And that’s why I should probably stick to running in the morning.

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