Weird, weird, weird

This week is weird, thanks to the holiday on Thursday. Today I did my usual Tuesday lifting, but the only other day this week I’ll have access to the gym is tomorrow. Do I want to lift again tomorrow? I probably could… (Might be wise to do the deadlifts and OHPs and skip the squats.)

Anyway, today was squat/bench/row at 155/110/80. I’m worried about a catastrophic form collapse doing squats with any more weight– even today in the later sets I found myself tipping forward into a lovely squat-morning. Which is a really good way to mess up my back. Also, I should probably get a belt. Bench was hard but I didn’t miss the last rep of the last set (barely!) J has been spotting me for the last 2 sets, and I suspect the faces I’m making are alarming. And rows still suck, but I stuck another 5lb on there today and it went okay.

Of all the weird ways to hurt after lifting… post-squats my tailbone hurts, as if some fascia in my buttular area is tight and pulling on it. It hurts when I sit or lay, sometimes. My glutes are a wreck.

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