End-of-weekend twofer

The weather was wonderful today– 60 degrees! and I went out for a run feeling kind of meh but feeling like I need to get out there. The run turned out pretty well, I ran for  a nice 2.85 mile out and back in just under 37 minutes. In this weather I’m never sure how to dress; I wore capris and a long-sleeved pullover and started comfortably and ended really really hot. So my nose has been running ever since.

When I came back in, I spent some time with yoga, focusing on some hip openers. Yoga after running is always pretty rough but rewarding; even something as simple as warrior I feels difficult on my tired legs. It felt good after 30 minutes though!

I’m trying to build a base, and this month I almost made 25 miles of running done, 24.2mi total. I’m going to have to ramp that up for February… I have 2 more months so I’d better get on it!

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