Tough go

This week I’m making up for skipping last Thursday by doing a 3-day, M/W/F lifting schedule, and today was squats/OHP/deadlift, 160/75/175. Or at least that’s what I was going for…

Squats at 160lb kicked my butt though. I battled my way through 3 sets, and by then my form was failing and my back was tweaked. I tried dropping 5lb off, made 2 reps, dropped another 20lb off, finished another 5 reps with an unhappy back, and just called it a day. We’ll see where I’m at come Wednesday. OHP at 75 wasn’t great either; I finished my 5 sets, though the very last rep wouldn’t have counted since I couldn’t get my arms straight. (I’m pretty sure I was overextending my back to get there, too. Gonna have unhappy lower back tomorrow.) On the other hand, deadlifts were fine. 5 reps went by easy and I was done.

So I was looking for weightlifting belts online (see above) and went to the Harbinger website. I’ve bought straps from them before (which I no longer have to use; thanks grip exercises) so I knew of the company. They have a section for "Women’s" gear, and I looked at that first. Oy. Pink foam belts (that max out at 37" waist, of course)! Resistance bands! Pictures of women looking intense while pressing 10lb dumbbells! One of their 4" un-gendered leather belts would suit me fine, but I feel like maybe I should look elsewhere, on principle. Anyone out in internetland have suggestions?

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One Response to Tough go

  1. lozette says:

    160lbs is a BIG squat, and you’re ramped them up really quickly! You’re doing really well *impressed*

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