How do runners wear heels…

I’m not operating at 100% today. Heck, I’d be lucky to feel 45%. I’m sore from yesterday and feel like I’m coming down with a cold. But I made the questionable decision to go to the gym anyway and try an easy recovery run. "Easy," she says. It was not easy. Everything hurt and my cramping calves forced me to a walk often. But I hobbled along for 35 minutes, and somehow covered 2.8 miles on the treadmill. Then I foamrolled (which was glorious/excruciating) and stretched and that was all for the day.

I have a fancy dress party to go to on Friday and I’m having a shoe dilemma. I’m going to wear heels with my petticoated vintage-style dress, but which ones? I have 3 choices: the modest-heeled, mildly uncomfortable elegant peep-toe slingbacks; the clunky and unattractive but most comfortable patent mary janes, or the gorgeous, 3.5"-heeled, and eminently uncomfortable leather-soled pumps. I hate wearing heels in the first place, but I love how they look, and the the contrarian in me is saying that I might as well wear the prettiest pair because after several hours they’re all going to suck. I’ll probably wind up wearing the slingbacks though; they’re middle-of-the-road (I managed to wear them standing up in my friend’s wedding for hours and I only hated my life a little bit). However, my friend that I’m going to the party with is wearing high heels for the first time in her life (really! I hope she doesn’t fall over) so we’ll be miserable together.

Anyway, I am totally writing off any running on Saturday because my Achilles tendon will need a chance to stretch back out…

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1 Response to How do runners wear heels…

  1. Gingerzingi says:

    I so rarely wear heels. It is something of a dilemma. My most comfortable heels are boots; is there any chance you can find some comfortable boots before Friday and would they go with the outfit? Or could you wear platform shoes, which don’t have such a steep angle?

    I guess I’d opt for the slingbacks…

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