I am not scary, just strong

What happened? Monday’s lifts were really difficult, but today I breezed through them. Was it having a breakfast of egg+cheese on a bagel instead of the usual fruit smoothie with protein powder? Was it the encouragement from Monday’s blog post? Did I magically become lots stronger in 2 days?Either way, I had a great workout today.

The schedule said squats/bench/rows at 160/110/80. On Monday I could only finish 3 reps of squats at the prescribed weight, today I did all 5 with strong form. (Bracing my abs properly helps so much!) Bench is definitely ready to go up to 115lb. And I loaded the bar for rows wrong, so I lifted at 85lb instead. I barely made all 5 sets, so I’ll let it hang out there next week.

I am getting a little bit tired of being described in ways that translate to ‘scary’ because I lift heavy. My gym had a new staff member come on board yesterday, and the manager introduced us by saying, "This is G. You’ll see her around doing big lifts! I just stay out of her way." Naturally my response was to laugh and say, "I’m not scary, I promise." But between things like this, being called a ‘beast’ (which sometimes feels awesome, sometimes doesn’t) and jerks asking if I can beat people up… it’s getting old. I’m working on being strong because 1) it feels great; and 2) so I can be better at doing things like lifting heavy boxes for little old ladies and rescuing kittens from burning buildings. Why does that scare people?


About G

I'm running while fat. And learning other fun ways to honor my body.
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