Some runs are worse than others

Perhaps the smart move would be to give up recovery runs after lifting, now that squats are getting heavy enough to really tax my quads and leave them tired the day after. But I hate to give them up! So I keep suffering through these miserable short, slow recovery runs, hoping that one day my legs will be okay. (Alas, they never will since I keep adding 5lb…)

Anyway, today I dialed in 30 minutes and covered 2.4 miles on the treadmill. It was not very fun; my legs are really tired. I tried to focus on good form, and for a while it would seem like making sure to keep it short-stride, high-turnover would help a lot, but in the end my legs are still just tired.

I was going through my saved email folder looking for something when I stumbled upon some emails from a professor of mine who died several years ago. I was fond of him and greatly admired his work, and it’s so strange to look back at these very workaday messages and remember him in a more casual way. I guess I think of formal, written correspondence as more permanent… but digital correspondence is easier to keep and to sort through…

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