Yoga, lift, rant

Thursday twofer today. I had a lovely, gentle yoga class, then stomped all over it by going to lift. I think half the reason I enjoy this yoga class is that I know things from it so it’s not new, and I can show off a little tiny bit. The other part is that I get plenty of correction– little things like shifting my hips forward or back, rotating my knee out more to the side, all that stuff I can never tell on my own.

And then, once I was finished with yoga class and feeling good, I loaded up the squat bar. My warmup reps with just the bar were amazing– my hips and ankles were all warmed up and so flexible! Initially I loaded the bar up with 165lb; I wasn’t sure if it was ready for 5lb more. But whatever, what’s the worst thing that could happen! In a fit of self-confidence I upped it to 170lb. And it sucked but I made it through. So today was squats/OHP/DL, 170/75/185. Having my back and shoulders warmed up changed my OHPs a lot; I had a lot more connection in the lower back and glutes and it felt interesting.

Small rant time: I use the "tampon bar" (or pad, for those who don’t speak asshole lifting bro) for squats now that I’m lifting a lot more. I have proper low bar placement across my traps, but I do not have enough trap there to support these higher weights. No matter how much I bring my shoulder blades together, the bar smooshes through the tissue and rests uncomfortably on my spine. I don’t like how the pad makes the bar slippier on my back, and I’ve cussed at it when it shifted and blew a rep. For a set or two I could handle it, but by the end of 5 sets, even with the pad, my upper back is DONE with having a bar sitting on it. And frankly, I’m not going to stop squatting because my back muscles are too small. Just like you wouldn’t stop deadlifting if you lose your grip; you use straps, keep working DL, and train your grip. So anyway, tampon bar haters to the left.

My sets go like this:
1 – Yeah! Woo! I am lifting a weight!
2 – What the hell am I even doing. This is only the second set. This is horrible.
3 – I hate my life.
4 – There’s light at the end of the tunnel. Provided I don’t die first. I will probably die first though.

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3 Responses to Yoga, lift, rant

  1. Gingerzingi says:

    LOL my sets go exactly like that!

  2. ouizeeb says:

    I am unable to do squats with heavy weight for the same reason, combined with the lack of flexibility in my shoulders, making it really difficult to hold the weight stable. Honestly I gave up trying it was so frustrating. I have a similar dialogue running, woohoo I’m running… what I’ve only run 2 miles?…. I just want to get home to nap…. Ya! Lookit me I finished a 40 minute run! :)

  3. lethally says:

    I’m really enjoying your posts. Just sayin’ ;)

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