AAAAAHH it’s Friday

There’s this Violent Femmes song that I think of at times like this, it has a sitar featured and they do the song and the the singer is like "We got to the end of the song and we didn’t get a chance to JAM!" and then they jam. Today is kind of like that. I’m glad it’s the end of the day, but where did it go?

I managed another 30 minute recovery run this morning. It went better than Tuesday’s run– only one tired-legs walking break, so we’ll call that a win. I’m pretty darn sore, but I crashed into bed at 9:30 last night and got a solid night’s sleep, and I think that helped a lot. Sleep is important! Who knew!

This week I have another fancy party lined up, at a hotel downtown, and we’re staying there overnight because it’s going to be that kind of party. I don’t make it downtown too often anymore, and I have a laundry list of things I want to do, like taking my partner to an opulent Scotch bar and visiting the holiday market to buy a gift for my mom. So naturally I want to head into town early, but I also want to sleep in. And, complicating things, we’ll need to schlep all our fancypants around until we can check in. I get the feeling I’ll be heading downtown on my own another day.

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