Stressing out

It’s cold and I’m bleedy and crampy and my feet still hurt from spending Saturday night in heels. Yoga time. Maybe it’ll settle my brain down.

This is my last week at work before I travel to my parents’ house for the Christmas holiday. And there are approximately a gazillion things I need to accomplish before we hit the road, at work, at home, some things I have to do, some things I chose to do (note to self: say no next time). I really hate it when things are looming.

The stress really gets to me. I don’t sleep well, so I don’t have energy during the day. My skin gets red, irritated and flaky, and I get painful canker sores in my mouth (this is new! and not fun at all!) Not to mention the general feeling of impending doom in the pit of my stomach. Anyone got any helpful hints? Or is the best way just to gut it out until it’s time to leave, then sleep for a week once I get where I’m going?

Saturday’s fancy party was a good time; I’m glad I went even if it completely ate my weekend. I like my partner’s coworkers, and they’re lots of fun to hang out with. I drank too much Champagne, mostly because I was tickled that I could have all the Champagne I wanted all night. That’s a bad motivation for drinking, but the fact that I drank just Champagne probably saved me from a nasty hangover…

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