Getting it done

Well, although I didn’t lift yesterday, doing the yoga class was restorative, and I somehow managed to get a good night’s sleep (thank goodness– probably just out of sheer exhaustion). So I was able to show up to the gym this morning feeling a lot better and ready to get my lifting done. Sometimes a light day is exactly what I need.

So, after a thorough warmup, this morning was squat/overhead press/deadlift, 170/75/190. It’s time to put more weight on OHP (finally!). Squats were still a pain, and DL is gonna get grip-limited soon, since I have a hard time hanging on to the bar for more than a couple reps. Time to get out the grip trainers and start farmer’s walks back up. I spent the session chatting with one of my fellow lifters, which made it go by quickly– though we kept having to pause the conversation to get our lifts done.

This weekend my partner and I are driving back to the Midwest to spend Christmas with my family. (I’m happy he’s coming along again! I guess my family didn’t scare him off last year.) So I get a week off from lifting, which is really good, actually. I might manage a run or two (out in the snow?) or some yoga, but I’m definitely looking forward to the chance to let myself rest up. (And my mom, bless her, has scheduled me a massage with her wonderful, kooky massage therapist. THANKS MOM!) A week of not doing much of anything sounds just right.

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