One of each

When I went to the gym this morning, I realized that today was going to be my sole lifting workout of the week, thanks to New Years’ plopped into the middle of the week. So, naturally, I crammed two workouts’ worth of lifting into one workout.

Instead of doing 5 sets, I did 3, and some of them were lighter. I squatted 170lb, same as the last time I lifted, but bench was only 95lb (I didn’t have a spot and didn’t feel like taking any risks), row was back at 85lb, and OHP was a light 65lb.

I did add weight to my deadlift today though; since I’m getting close to my bodyweight DL goal I wanted to push forward to make sure I could achieve it before going back to running training in February. I loaded up the bar for 195lb and tried to pull it off the rack– and it was remarkably stubborn. Huh, did 5lb make that much difference? With a massive effort I got it off the rack and onto the floor– and then I realized that it was unbalanced. Instead of a 25lb plate on the left side, I’d loaded a 35lb onto the bar. Oops. Once I corrected that, it wasn’t so bad to do my 5 reps. I also followed it up with some grip work, a farmer’s walk across the gym and back with 50lb in each hand. (I don’t really enjoy the farmer’s walk, but I do enjoy the weird looks I get while I’m doing it.)

After all that, I had a good stretch session. I think that might be a resolution I’d like to make for the new year: not to skip stretching! When I went for my once-or-twice-yearly massage with my kooky and wonderful therapist last week, she scolded me a little and told me that my right side was "jacked up" (which is unusually strong language for her!) She gave me a good working-over, but there was only so much she could do in one session. I can’t have massages often to correct my body, but I can make sure I’m stretching and doing yoga regularly and working on my connective tissue and range of motion. It just takes a lot of time…

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4 Responses to One of each

  1. ebay313 says:

    “OHP was a light 65lb”

    Making me feel super weak again! lol.

    • G says:

      Sorry! :) I keep track of the weights I lift because this blog is a record-keeping tool for myself as much as anything! Sometimes I forget to qualify these statements with the fact that everyone lifts where they’re at. I know you’re just poking fun though.

      • ebay313 says:

        Lol yes I’m just kidding, no need Rio feel bad about mentioning your weights and their relative lightness for you- I do the same as well.

  2. You can stretch while on trains and buses. Even with little room you can stand and do some stretches then. I stretch throughout my desk job as well.

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