Busting up superstitions that no longer work for me

I’m sore from yesterday’s lifting. I only took a week off?! Why am I so sore. Anyway, I spent 30 minutes on the elliptical at a gentle pace (apparently? my heart rate wasn’t going above 135, no matter how fast I pushed) and followed that with some stretchy yogas and foam rolling.

The end of the year is always a stressful time, and this year has been worse than usual, thanks to a heavy schedule at work (no, it’s not done yet, sigh). I’ve had very little downtime and it’s wearing on me– I’ve kept up my workouts, but other self-care has gotten put on the back burner. Not to mention the state of my living space– I’m pulling off the bare minimum, meals are cooked when it’s my turn and the dishes are washed and laundry is done, but the rest of it is… not what I’d like it to be.

My family keeps a few traditions/superstitions around New Years’, mostly the ones about getting all the housework done before the year turns so you’re not sweeping your new luck out, and the one that says whatever you do on New Years’ Day is representative of what you’ll be doing all year. (Didn’t turn out that way at all in 2014, actually.)

You know what I do all year? Housework. My house won’t magically stay clean if it’s clean on January 1. Clothes still need to be washed and floors vacuumed and bathtubs scrubbed, and I’ll do as much of it as I can manage through the year, regardless of how clean it was on New Years’ Day. Heck, I could even clean on New Years’, though that doesn’t sound like much fun. (We have people coming over on Saturday! Argh!)

This year I’m counting my blessings, though– my partner is picking up the slack for me. He’s going to clean up the joint as much as he can and make dessert for the family dinner tonight. (He has this whole week off, the lucky guy.)

I’m still going to put a coin under the welcome mat though to help money find me though– my grandpa gives me one each year for it. :)

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