Cold Runnings

Sadly this post has nothing to do with the Jamaican bobsled team, and sadder yet is the fact that I’ve apparently used this silly pun as a blog title before. cold-runnings-2, eh, wordpress?

Anyway, this week is a mess. I’m in an 8 to 5 meeting Tuesday until Thursday, with an extra-long commute to the meeting venue. This means that not only do I have to get up at the crack of dawn to get there, I won’t be able to access my work gym in the hours that it’s open! Crap. (Hopefully on Wednesday I can roll in a little late– there’s just ‘business’ stuff that doesn’t have anything to do with me until 10:30 that day. So maybe I can get some lifting in that morning.)

In the interest of not being completely inert, I headed out for a 35 minute run. When I left it was 33ºF, with a stiff wind– and the sun was setting so it wasn’t getting any warmer. I bundled up in thermal tights, a base layer, fleece, headband and gloves– and when I stepped outside I said “oh HELL no” and went in and put on another pair of pants over the tights.

The run itself went okay enough; I covered 2.64mi on the uphill-then-downhill route. It’s supposed to snow tomorrow and the road crews have sprayed their liquid salt(?) concoction onto the roads, so cars were kicking up clouds of the vile stuff as they drove past. Thanks to that and the cold air, I’m sniffly and cough-y post-run. I’m drinking peppermint and liquorice root tea and hoping it helps calm it all down. My lungs do not like the cold….

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