Barely fitting it in…

I found some time this morning to be able to get to the gym– my workshop had some irrelevant stuff going on, so I went to the office instead, got a little work done, and fit my lifting in.

Today was squat/bench/row, still sitting at 170/115/85. I tried 90lb for rows and bailed after one set; it just wasn’t going to happen! And for bench, I finished 4 sets un-spotted, got a spot for the last set, and managed 4 of the 5 reps unassisted. It”s always that penultimate rep that gets me! I’d love to be able to add another 5lb; maybe I should just toss it on there and see what happens. I should add 5lb to squats next time, though; they suck, they’ll suck forever, but the last set wasn’t that bad.

My calves are super sore (from Monday’s running? sigh) and my range of motion was so poor. I kept trying to tweak my leg position while doing squats, varying the distance between my feet and the way they were angled, but I couldn’t find what was ‘just right’…

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