Anxiety and avoidance

The weather today is gross, barely above freezing and raining. I was hoping for a run, but I settled on the new dancey game (Dance Central 2 has a much better workout mode; I need to learn the songs though so I’m not just flailing around) and some yoga.  I feel like I haven’t been doing much activity since the holidays; part of that is cutting back on things to let my plantar fascia recuperate before running training starts up, but part of it is just feeling loafy, too.

That unsolicited diet book arrived in the mail today, and now I need to call up my aunt and thank her, I guess. Have I mentioned my phone anxiety? This is bad enough even without the book. Actually, I’m avoiding lots of things lately… there are tons of little tasks that I’m not doing because I’m feeling overwhelmed– and of course not doing them leads to it all being even more overwhelming. I mean, they’re stupid things that would only take a few minutes! It just feels really unpleasant to think about them so…

Some days I’m better at adulting than others. Right now work is taking up too many cycles in my brain (speaking of overwhelming) and maybe chucking things aside feels like decluttering or rebelling against my responsibilities? I need a better coping mechanism though.

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