Whatever it takes

It’s barely 10 am and I’m already wiped out! My day started early with 7:30 yoga class. Today’s class didn’t feel as awesome as usual, and there was a point where my left quad felt burning at the point of failure, even in poses where it wasn’t really being used. The instructor came to visit me as I repeatedly came out of poses early to see if I was okay, which was a good thing. I think I’m just really tired; I didn’t sleep well last night and the last few days have been awfully stressful.

Well, despite all that mess, after yoga class I jumped right in to lifting. Today was squats/OHP/deadlift, and I did 175/80/205. Maybe next week, after I’ve recovered some, I’ll add another 5lb to squats– they’re coming along. OHP sucked. And deadlifts… well, I managed my 5 reps but it took enough effort that I peed a little bit. Frustrating! (That might be my least favorite thing about lifting, by the way.) But I was happy to be able to do them– whatever it takes.

Yoga class included some wrist/forearm stretches and it was pretty unfun. My hands and wrists feel beat to heck. I think I’ll try to get a couple days good rest in this coming weekend.

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