The hamster wheel lies

Sore and tired today, but wanted to move so I hopped on the elliptical machine for a bit. Any effort I expended was really minimal– not much sweat, easy breathing, and my heart rate never got above 135– but at the end of 45 minutes of that the machine said I’d expended 550 calories (I entered my weight/age at the beginning for funzies). Uhh, I very much doubt that? At any rate, some blood got moved through my muscles, and I feel better for it. I finished with some weighted situps (my poor abs, they’re not used to this stuff anymore) and cable wood chops. That’s my current gripe with Stronglifts: I miss the accessory work. I’ve been trying to fit it in anyway.

I was hoping to have a nice, relaxing weekend but a fun thing came up that I’m going to do instead. So much for relaxing! My partner would be the first to inform you all that the #1 reason I’m tired from doing things all the time is because I don’t stop doing things all the time. Last Saturday morning, he scolded me as I made a list of things I wanted to get done that day: "I thought you were going to do nothing? You aren’t very good at doing nothing… in fact, you are the worst at doing nothing." All right hon, how about you vacuum and go out and buy groceries for us then? I’ll play some video games. (I kid; he’s actually good about doing stuff around the house, if not as… proactive as I am.)

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