im in ur gym, sabotaging ur resolutions

Back to the gym after a long and lazy weekend. Well, only lazy with respect to exercise– and maybe not even that lazy after all, since I walked tons around downtown with out-of-town friends. (I tend to discount any activity that doesn’t require I put a sports bra on, which is silly.)

Anyway, today was squat/bench/row, 180/120/90. Ow. Squats went quite well though, despite the extra 5lb– yay! Bench, however, did not. I only made 4 reps of my 4th set, and 3 of my 5th, before asking my spot for help. So it goes. I finished it all with an accessory farmer’s walk, 55lb in each hand. My grip has gotten a lot better, and I’ve finally built up some well-needed callus on my hands– just in time to take a break from lifting.

(tw: diet talk) Now that we’re almost to February and folks’ New Years’ resolutions are tapering off, the gym is getting quieter again. And, on cue, the magazines are starting the inevitable talk about resolutions ‘sabotaged’ by people who refuse to play along with the relentless negative diet talk around them. People give up on their diets entirely on their own– can we please stop blaming people who dare to enjoy food in public for their failures? (The newsletter posted in my gym this month goes as far as to say that people should keep their resolutions a secret to avoid those pesky saboteurs. Really?)

Honestly, I love to help people keep their resolutions and cement new habits! I’m forever offering to drag folks to the gym with me. But goals need to be based on realistic, attainable aims. Don’t sabotage yourself before you start with a goal you don’t have control over.

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  1. ebay313 says:

    Impressive Lifts!

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