Utility movement

I don’t know if you’ve heard, but the northern part of the east coast of the US is having a Snowpocalypse right now. For better or for worse, I’m sitting right at the edge of that– we’re getting enough snow to be annoying but not enough to be truly epic and beautiful. What can I say, I like snow!

I used up the last of my coffee beans and half and half this morning, which qualifies as an emergency in this house. The grocery store is just over a mile away; in fact, it’s right along the way on my uphill-then-downhill 5k-ish route. So, I figured I would walk over there and pick up a couple items and come back. I bundled up in my down coat, hat, gloves and my warmest pair of socks and hiking boots.

Despite being in the middle of ZOMG SNOWMAGEDDON, the grocery store was pretty quiet. (However, they were mostly sold out of bread, like always.) I picked up my coffee and half and half and some chicken thighs for tomorrow’s dinner and a couple apples of a new varietal I hadn’t seen, because I was curious (Opal apples? they look like more-orange Golden Delicious. Will eat and report back.) And I carted it all back home (note to self: though half-gallons of half and half are economical and convenient, they are heavy). There wasn’t much snow falling on my way out, but coming back it had gotten dark and colder and the precipitation had turned into tiny stinging pellets– plus I got strafed by a salt truck too. Yaaaay.

Stay safe, all my peeps out there in the snow!

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1 Response to Utility movement

  1. Gingerzingi says:

    I’m very glad the storm is missing us!

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